Period Correct- Stimulus Workshop

I’ve traveled the world in search of shops like this. Usually found in far off locations such as Tokyo or Paris, Period Correct Atelier is a new and long overdue addition to the Southern California Automotive enthusiast landscape. Not only is their new flagship store a pleasing sanctuary of style, simplicity and inspiration but also a place to view their collection of refined automotive inspired clothing and other items in person. In addition to their clothing and accessory line, books and other interesting objects are available for sale.

The new wearable collection carries over a theme from the classic era of motorsport without the typical in your face designs that often try too hard to be something they aren’t. Instead, Period Correct has found a way to present a true and genuine look that speaks to both automotive enthusiasts and those that are just along for the ride.

Packed with subtle details in every corner but without over the top graphics or other distractions that assault the senses, Period Correct Atelier is a location that must be experienced. Merchandise is available online if you can’t make it to the Southern California location anytime soon.

Visit: Period Correct , 2950 Randolph Ave. Costa Mesa, California 92626


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