About The Garagista

Our goal at The Garagista is to share stories and images of interesting cars and bikes along with random thoughts and coverage from various automotive events and races from around the world. In the classic tradition of the “garagista”, theGaragista.com features stories about individuals, shops, and companies that survive and prosper on passion and perseverance.  If you have comments, ideas for stories or other suggestions please feel free to contact me at thegaragista@gmail.com.  Thank you for visiting TheGaragista.com – Ken.

2 Responses to About The Garagista

  1. Walter says:

    I enjoy the pictures. Good description of the models. Would be better if you gave some info on the specific car in the picture and its owner.

  2. Vaughan Stibbard says:

    Hi Ken, if you travels take you to Sydney please reach out


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