Coulthard tests Jim Clark’s Lotus 25

The Lotus 25 is the car that really defined progress and forward thinking in F1 engineering. It was the first car with a fully stressed monocoque chassis that was three times stiffer than its predecessor , the Lotus 21. The 25 gave Jim Clark his first Grand Prix victory at Spa in 1962 and went on to win 14 races, achieve 17 pole positions, and set 13 fastest laps before it was replaced after its final win at the French Grand Prix in 1965.

This spectacular video has former F1 champion David Coulthard in the Lotus 25  during the media day for July’s Silverstone Classic race meeting where the pre-1966 historic F1 feature event carries Clark’s name.  Clark’s Lotus 25 will be driven by former touring car racer Andy Middlehurst at the meeting on July 26 to 28. This is the car that carried Clark to seven wins out of 10 championship races in 1963.

The Lotus 25 is powered by  1.5 liter Coventry Climax V8 “FWMV” producing about 175BHP. Turn up the volume and enjoy the sound of this high revving, small displacement mechanical work of art.

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