Period Clothing: The must have accessory for your classic car?

Over the past several years there has been noticeable growth and popularity of “retro” style motorsport inspired clothing , especially in the UK . Events like the Goodwood Revival have certainly fueled the movement but wearing period kit at other race meetings seems to be growing with everyone trying to find a link to a simpler time. 

Period race overalls in fashion.

Collections range from the classic tweed jacket to monotone drivers and mechanics overalls. Throw on a flat cap and your in style. And it’s not just clothing but accessories such as gloves, travel bags, umbrellas and shoes are part of the collection. Popular brands of the 50’s and 60’s like Shell and Gulf  Oil have licensed their brands with Gulf Oil logos on everything from shoes to wallets.

Gulf oil on everything and anything.

Brands like Historica Racewear have recreated timeless classics like the Graham Hill Rallymaster Jacket once offered by the Les Leston company, a famous UK tuning firm from the 50’s and 60’s.  Historica Racewear also caters to the racer (as the name implies) with period looking, FIA homologated race suits and other required apparel.

The Rallymaster Jacket..from Historica Racewear

Suixtil is a brand made famous in the 50’s and 60’s by racing icons like Fangio and Moss. Their lineup includes everything from stylish recreations of 1950’s polo shirts worn by drivers of the period to racewear that you might use if you were fortunate enough to pilot an Alfa or Ferrari in the Mille Miglia.

Suixtil ..a brand from the Golden era.

Then there are brands like Automobile Racing Club that offer casual clothing “inspired” by the period but with contemporary style.

A.R.C. Classic looks with modern style.

I don’t recall seeing too many people dressed in period race or motorsport clothing in the USA but why not?  If you are taking your classic out for drive down PCH or headed to the Saturday morning coffee meeting,  you might look a little more complete wearing attire that looks as if it was in style the year your car was built.

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One Response to Period Clothing: The must have accessory for your classic car?

  1. Tony says:

    Well I have to admit to taking part in the fancy dress this last year at Goodwood… we were going to Goodwood as normal folk when our friends roped us into dressing in something period… the trick is to go to the local charity shop and find yourself a few duds, you can have an outfit for under ten quid… Once your at Goodwood you can see the stuff your wearing for sale for hundreds of pounds… Have to admit I felt a bit out or sorts heading for Goodwood but once in the track it was great fun.. you can sit for hours just watching people and chuckling at the outfits… a must do if your in England when Goodwood is on.

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