Classica Cafe Yokohama クラシカ横濱: An oasis for the mechanical mind.

clasy-14The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “oasis” as something that provides refuge, relief, or pleasant contrast.

For many, such an oasis exists in the Fujimicho neighborhood of Yokohama, Japan. Tucked away, down a side street near the Isezaki Chojamachi subway station is the Classica Cafe. This quaint café is a division of Nissan Skyline restoration specialist, Yokohama Classica.

Classica Cafe - Yokohama

Classica Cafe – Yokohama

The cafe itself is filled with a gallery of period images of Skyline race action, Skyline parts of all types and during our visit,  a very special 1972 Nissan KPGC10 Skyline GT-R. Of course being a cafe you can order beer, wine, sake, and food to go along with your steering wheel, head gasket set, and cam cover. In fact, I’m told red wine pairs well with camshafts.


Imagine stopping off at the Classica Cafe after a hard day at the office for a beverage and enjoying the automotive ambiance while browsing through a parts manual. An oasis indeed, to replenish the soul, mind, and body.

 You can also view Skyline race action on the large screen while sipping your Cappuccino. I’m afraid if the Classica Cafe were in my neighborhood, I’d be spending a great deal of time there.






The selection of parts seems random to the untrained eye but you can bet there is order in the minds of Hakosuka enthusiasts.  New parts mixed with used and refurbished items  line racks throughout the shop. There is also a wide selection of books and manuals to browse while relaxing in style.

Classica Cafe- Atsuko explains the restoration process

Classica Cafe- Atsuko explains the restoration process

Atsuko explains in great detail, the restoration of a GT-R they recently completed. She was quick to answer any technical question, pointing out various attributes of the various Skyline models.  Classica Cafe not only serves food and beverages but also advice and information to those restoring and maintaing their Skyline. The cafe is also available for private events.



Need new headlamp buckets for your GT-R?

Need new headlamp buckets for your GT-R?

Sometimes you come across a place, a store, a location that stimulates your senses and inspires you to return. The Classica Cafe is that place and you should visit if you’re ever in Yokohama, Japan.  Order a coffee or sake, buy some parts and sit back, relax and enjoy life.

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